Digital Marketing related queries:

You can contact us through the given email ID and contact number mention on this website. There is also a contact form available on our contact page. Fill the contact form, and we will get in touch with you.

Drogenide offers the most affordable and reliable digital marketing services for our clients. We have worked with multiple clients on various successful projects.

We provide monthly payment options for our services. Your bill will be mailed to you when the month begins, and the payment should be made within the prescribed time. You will get proper invoices every month from our company.

Digital platforms are a great medium to attract a large part of the audience with no geographical boundaries. Almost all businesses have their websites nowadays. It also helps in turning your business into a brand by increasing your credibility. It is a great medium to attract potential customers to your business.

We provide monthly performance reports for our services to our clients. You will get to know about everything we do and their results in this performance report. The information will include all the statistical data of the month.

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Products related queries:

We offer all types of software to our customers. Whether you need an e-commerce website, a business application, a website, or any other software, we excel in all the fields.

No, we offer both android and iOS-based products to our customers. We also provide hybrid applications for businesses that don’t want to get into the trouble of making two separate applications.

We offer quality services to our customers, leaving no possibility of errors and glitches. However, no one can claim 100% error-free services in this highly vulnerable digital world. Still, we try to offer the best and the most quality services to our clients.

Buying the products from Drogenide is simple. Filling in the contact form on our website, we will get in touch with you about your requirements. We will build software of your choice in a given time. The project will commence after you pay 50% of the project in advance.

Company related queries:

We have industry experience of more than five years. Our experts are well-trained and have worked on more than 300 projects till now. We offer the most affordable and quality services in Lucknow with fewer possibilities of errors.

Yes, we also offer complete e-commerce solutions for businesses looking to make an impact. We have the most affordable packages for both large-scale and small-scale industries.

All the payments made to our website and company are in encrypted form. We will not have access to your payment details in any way possible. All your payment details are safe on our servers. To know more about the privacy issues, please refer to our privacy policy.

We offer no refund for the work already done. The refunds request will approve if the claims fall under specific categories only. Please refer to the refund policy for a better understanding of the refund requests.

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